Pramac Ducati riders Johann Zarco and Michele Pirro decided to train at the Lamborghini Drivers Lab in Sant’Agata Bolognese together with the official Squadra Corse drivers on the eve of the MotoGP Grand Prix of Italy at Mugello.

Zarco, second in the MotoGP classification, and Pirro, multiple champion of the CIV and Ducati test rider, visited the new multi-purpose center and hangar reserved for the Essenza SCV12 track hyper cars before setting themselves to the test against Albert Costa and Franck Perera in a training session specific for endurance automotive races, led by Squadra Corse physiotherapist Jose Poletti.

Following an intensive warm-up session, the riders had the opportunity to test the latest generation Tecnobody equipment – including the D-Wall, a hi-tech digital mirror for improving posture, balance and resistance – and to enter the O2H cryogenic chamber capable of reaching -140°C and highly useful for maximizing the training effects.

At the end of the day, Zarco and Pirro got behind the wheel of two Lamborghini Huracán EVOs with which they arrived at Mugello. “To have the possibility to join the two-wheel world with the four-wheel work is always something special,” Pirro commented. “It makes you appreciate motorsports even more, in addition to the good fortune of being able to drive a Lamborghini that is always something unique.”