Studio Ad Personam is evolving and growing bigger with the aim of offering customers an even more unique experience in personalizing their cars. 

Lamborghini is demonstrating its commitment to excellence in customer care by considerably expanding the floor space from 90 sq. m to 180 sq. m. The recent renovation has turned Studio into a sophisticated, exclusive, and comfortable environment, where customers fully immerse themselves in the process of configuring their dream cars. 

Federico Foschini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Automobili Lamborghini, explains: “The Ad Personam program is a project we’ve worked hard on and which we’ve pursued with great conviction. It is a testament of the attention to detail and needs that customers have always recognized and appreciated in Lamborghini. Through the Ad Personam Studio, we offer customers a one-off experience, with the opportunity to personalize their car down to the smallest detail, making it unique.”

Thanks to the Ad Personam program, Lamborghini’s customers can personalize every aspect of their vehicles, from the bodywork color to the materials of the interiors and to the finishes.

“The strength of the modernized Studio Ad Personam is, without a doubt, the many personalization options of top quality and the innovative configuration tools in a spacious, exclusive, and technological – although at the same time comfortable – room, just like the living room in one’s home. The new Studio allows our customers to fully enjoy the configuration experience and to see their personal dreams take on shape and color,” commented Marco Valentini, head of the Ad Personam Team.

By combining the offline and online worlds, the new Studio also lets customers have a phygital experience, in which they have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the personalization process that involves all their senses, from touch to smell by touching and smelling the upholstery materials, and up to hearing by listening to the sound of the engine coming from the updated sound system. And then, finally, the sense of sight as they select the exclusive materials on a dedicated powerwall. 

Furthermore, the alternative to the in-person experience is the Ad Personam Virtual Studio, an innovative platform where customers can configure their cars virtually and in real time working remotely with the Studio experts.

The Ad Personam program is constantly growing and there are future plans for additional vehicle configuration options. Its ongoing commitment to care and attention to detail demonstrates Lamborghini’s constant commitment to meeting the needs of its customers and to offering a one-of-a-kind automotive experience.