On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the brand, Automobili Lamborghini presents the Revuelto, the first HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) V12 plug-in hybrid super sports car. The Revuelto sets a new benchmark in terms of performance, sportiness and driving pleasure thanks to its unprecedented new architecture, innovative design, maximum efficiency aerodynamics and a new carbon chassis concept. The combined power of an all-new combustion engine and three electric motors, along with a dual-clutch gearbox that first appears in a 12-cylinder Lamborghini, delivers 1,015 HP output. 

The powertrain combines elements with high specific power: the new 127 CV/l combustion engine works in synergy with two front axial flow motors, which offer an exceptional weight/power ratio, and a radial flow electric motor placed at the above the 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which first appeared on a 12-cylinder Lamborghini. The three electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery with specific high power (4,500 W/kg), which also enables a fully electric driving mode. 

Lamborghini Revuelto: the first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV

“The new Revuelto marks a milestone in Lamborghini's history and represents an important pillar of our Direzione Cor Tauri electrification strategy,” said Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini. “It's a unique and innovative vehicle but also true to our DNA: the V12 is an iconic symbol of our super sports car history. The Revuelto was born to break the codes: it combines a new 12-cylinder engine and hybrid technology, which creates the perfect balance between offering the emotions that our customers want and the need to reduce emissions. »  

The Revuelto brings the future of Lamborghini design to the road now. It stays true to Lamborghini's DNA of exclusive design but creates an entirely new design language. It ties in with the iconic and legendary Lamborghini V12 vehicles of the past within its new shape, while its new proportions point the way to the future. With the Revuelto, Lamborghini launches a new Space Race, introducing a design language that adapts to the challenges imposed by electrification and anticipating the shapes and proportions of the super sports cars to come soon. The design is inspired by aerospace elements, 

Produced in the Sant'Agata Bolognese factory using expert craftsmanship, carbon fiber is the main structural element of the new vehicle. It is not only used in the monofuselage and the chassis, but also for many body parts. Extensive use of carbon fiber and lightweight materials, combined with the engine's high power, results in the best power-to-weight ratio in Lamborghini's history of 1.75 kg/hp.

The new Revuelto combines these characteristics to offer the best performance in its segment: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of over 350 km/h. These figures unite with its exceptional dynamism thanks to the introduction of electric torque vectoring and all-wheel drive also available in the fully electric driving mode, which allows the super sports car Revuelto to express its qualities. reinforced on the circuit and on a daily basis. 

Lamborghini Revuelto: the first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV

“With the Revuelto, we are taking the driving experience behind the wheel of a Lamborghini to the next level,” said Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer. “The Revuelto takes a big step forward in terms of responsiveness and response to ensure the most thrilling and natural ride possible in all environments. The Revuelto offers the best performance possible. Nevertheless, our goal from the start was to confirm its place at the top of driving emotions. »   

For the Revuelto, Bridgestone was chosen as Lamborghini's tire partner. The company developed the bespoke Potenza Sport tires to enhance the sporting and high-speed capabilities of the new vehicle. The high-performance premium Potenza Sport tires are available as a mixed fitment with 265/35 ZRF20 tires on the front axle and 345/30 ZRF21 on the rear axle, but also with 265/30 ZRF21 tires on the front and 355 /25 ZRF22 at the rear, the latter models both being equipped with "Run Flat" technology. This technology allows drivers to continue driving safely even after a puncture for at least 80 km at 80 km/h with 0 bar pressure, for greater peace of mind.

Lamborghini Revuelto: the first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV

Lamborghini Revuelto: the first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV

Lamborghini Revuelto: the first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV

The Revuelto has a completely new HMI (Human Machine Interface) system, consisting of three screens: a 12.3" dashboard, an 8.4" central screen and an additional 9.1" screen. system gets a facelift with 3D graphics, animations, widgets and a new design.The three screens are managed by a technological "brain" as part of a unified design, which helps to ensure a uniform user interface in terms of color and graphics, but also consistent interaction across all screens.The

Revuelto's new infotainment system offers new personalization features that help create an authentic and immersive Lamborghini experience.