The Miura SV, the most coveted vintage standard production Lamborghini on the market, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Born in March 1971, the Lamborghini Miura SV replaced the S model in a short time and became the best of all the Miura versions produced and the highest expression of the “supercar” concept of its day. 

The SV’s engine was even more powerful, with its 385 CV at 7850 rpm and a 40.7 kgm torque at 5750 rpm. Thanks to the adjustments of the 4 Weber triple body carburetors, still the 40IDL3C type, and the innovative separate lubrication system between engine and gearbox, the Miura SV reached record-breaking figures for the day, with a speed topping 290 km/h and one kilometer reached in little less than 24 seconds from a standing start.

While retaining the same overall set-up as the S, the Miura SV adopted a stiffer and more reinforced frame, a rear suspension revised in the anchorage points and in the shape of arms with a track increased by almost 130 millimeters. It was fitted with tires differing in size between front and rear, with customized rear rims that increased from 7 to 9 inches equipped with 255 tires. Moreover, it had wider rear fenders, a different design of taillights and a front hood without the famous “eyelash” surrounding the headlights.

When the 150th unit rolled off the line, the iconic Miura SV went out of production in 1973. The last model, ordered by Walter Wolf in 1975, is preserved at the MUDETEC in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

With the speed and sinuosity of the Miura SV, a golden age came to a close once and for all, during which a small group of young men filled with an innate passion was able to build what was, and still is for many, the most beautiful vehicle ever produced.