The Tokyo Olympics 20 km race-walk gold medal winner Antonella Palmisano tells how much passion and attention to detail are behind every race. The same she saw at Automobili Lamborghini’s HQ.

What is attention to detail for you?

Let me give you a glaring example: before the Olympics my trainer took us to Japan to have a group of scientists perform a set of tests on us – from morning until 10 pm at night – and collect loads of data that we used to optimize our pre-race training. This multidisciplinary approach, pursuit of perfection and attention to every detail are what led us to win at the Olympics.

What did winning at the Olympics mean to you?

A dream come true. A dream you devoted a long and hard path. That’s five years of life in my case, but now I can definitely say they meant “everything” in the broadest sense of the word!

How would you describe your path in one word?

“Love”. You have to put your heart into a race; that’s the only way you can win.

What’s your relationship with speed?

Race-walking is defined as a slow sport. My teammates make fun of me when I say I feel the wind in my hair when I’m going fast!