Lamborghini has been racing on the racetrack for years, but now he’s going beyond. After showing us the racetrack as his natural habitat, he is now taking us on a more intimate journey. Romain is a Lamborghini factory driver, a father and a man of many passions and authentic values.

During the opening lap of the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, Grosjean survived a terrifyingly high-speed impact which saw him trapped in his Haas VF-20 for 28 seconds while an inferno raged. Arguably one of the most dramatic incidents in modern F1 history, Grosjean reflects positively on how the crash and its aftermath have affected his life.

“My accident changed my perspective in a big way. Being brave is about pushing yourself to always go further than you think you’re going to go. It’s about challenging yourself. Life is a beautiful thing, and I didn’t realize it could go away so quickly until that accident. It sounds a bit crazy but because my life is better now, I would think of [my accident] as a positive. I want to enjoy life in a bigger way, have fun and make sure that every day is a good day. I’m aware that I take risks in my life but there are also limits I set for myself.”

A committed family man, amongst his many talents Grosjean is an accomplished cook, and recently learned to fly. This is a man dedicated to expanding his horizons. “I’m a father, I’m a husband. I’m just someone normal that loves activities, that loves ‘doing’. When I start something I go flat-out. Flying makes my travelling and my life more efficient and more fun. I feel peaceful when I fly. You are taking a small space in the sky for yourself when you fly, you see the Earth in a different way.”

Back on terra firma, Grosjean has an equally stimulating mode of transport: a Lamborghini Urus Performante . As he says, it’s a family car but one with a serious twist. “It’s just so cool to drive. The Performante sounds amazing, and even if it’s an SUV everyone knows it’s a Lamborghini. And I’ve got space for my kids.”

Lamborghini’s outstanding colour palette presented some problems, however. “My daughter wanted purple or pink. My second son wanted yellow. My eldest son wanted orange, and my wife wanted black. So I said, ‘all right guys, you know what? We’re going to go with green. It’s my car, I decide…