Timeline is the handy new Unica app feature that alerts Lamborghini owners to all key vehicle events, leaving them free to enjoy the drive.

Created specifically for Unica, the app reserved for Lamborghini owners only, Timeline is a feature that brings together the entire world of Lamborghini after-sales services on a smartphone screen. Thanks to its clear graphics and easy-to-use design, this feature offers owners an immediate overview of their car’s history and allows them to check on key events, like warranty expiry dates, Selezione program eligibility and periodical maintenance, service and recall campaign deadlines.

To ensure that owners can focus purely on the pleasure of driving their Lamborghini, too, Timeline sends them an automatic reminder whenever an important event is due, inviting them to book an appointment directly on their smartphone. Then when the service has been performed, Timeline is automatically updated, so owners can check on the status of their Lamborghini anywhere and at any time. It really is as simple as that!

Like the many other features on Unica, Timeline is specifically designed to make the Lamborghini lifestyle more connected, more relaxed and more exclusive. So, if you are an owner and you haven’t already downloaded the app, do so now and enjoy your Lamborghini journey to the full with complete peace of mind.

Download Lamborghini Unica and find out everything it has to offer you for an even better-connected journey in the world of the House of the Raging Bull.