In the European month of diversity promoted by the European Union, Lamborghini confirms and renews its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion with a set of innovative programs aimed at developing increasingly inclusive and sustainable company ethics.

On the subject of gender equality, Lamborghini has boasted exponential growth of women in its departments over the years by hiring highly qualified professionals, most of whom hold important leadership positions. The brand has adopted equal pay for women and men employees, and has adhered to the Capo D Network, a community of companies in the Bologna area that are involved in raising awareness to equal opportunities. 

Erika Puccetti, Aventador Assembly Line Forewoman, said, “I am happy that a company like Lamborghini has decided to invest in women in production; in my office, for example, there are two women and two men department heads. In addition, I consider myself very lucky because, despite being the first woman department head on the Aventador line, I have found a team that supports me and that helps me to growth both personally and professionally.”

Automobili Lamborghini is extremely attentive to the issue of parenthood and offers an extensive program of initiatives. Protection starts with maternity leave: in Italy there is a mandatory five-month period of leave paid at 100% by the Social Security Institute and a subsequent optional 6-month period of leave paid at 30%. Lamborghini decided to work on this issue together with the trade union representatives and to encourage equal parenting by further increasing the economic integration to 30% for the first six months of optional leave, increasing to 40% on condition that the other parent has taken a period of at least fifteen continuous days of the same leave. New mothers returning to work are offered mum coaching, special agreements with daycare centers and summer programs, and paid leave. To promote a culture of equality within the family as well, Lamborghini developed a unique project: dad coaching.

New father Nicola Giganti,  Carbon Fibre, Moulds&Repair Foreman, said, “Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile private life and work, but it’s necessary to give the right priority to things, always working on both fronts. In the Dad Coaching service, I found a great opportunity for support, and I am gradually learning to understand and better interpret the needs and behaviour of my child and to be more patient.” 

Support to diversity and inclusion is also provided through projects aimed at reducing the generation gap in the company, where over 50% is made up of Millennials and Generation Z. This is why Lamborghini has launched a reverse mentoring project, with the goal of stimulating the transfer of cross-departmental knowledge between junior employees and senior professionals.

Francesca Venturi, Urus Assembly Line Forewoman and assistant to the Head of Urus Assembly Line, Antonio Aurucci, said, “Reverse mentoring is a fundamental tool made available by the company for mutual personal and professional growth. The exchange regarding the experiences lived, the skills acquired and the different points of view of different generations is the basis of mutual development.”

Lamborghini is also an example of integration and multiple cultures. It is a place where different cultural identities meet and talk, leading to the creation of iconic products marked by a strong global vocation. As many as 35 different nationalities coming from four continents in fact work at the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters.

Henok Abraham Sium, a very young Eritrean operator on the Urus line, said, “I have been at Lamborghini for a year and a half, and I still can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to be a part of this wonderful company. Different cultures and nationalities make different people but there is no difference here. It’s great to see how your colleagues learn from your experiences but especially how helpful it is for me to learn from them.”
Lastly, special attention is paid to people with disabilities or coming from underprivileged backgrounds with the constant presence of a LIS (Italian sign language) interpreter at all events and company presentations.