After growing up in a four-wheel environment and having always been a big fan of the automotive sector, Elena joined Lamborghini in 2007 to work in the Research and Development department, even though she had not graduated in engineering. She instead had a strong interest in the communications field.

She studied business management in Bologna and then also took a master’s degree in statistical sciences. During her years of study, along with a group of friends and cultural associations of the city of Bologna she began to organize events that allowed her to hone her skills in the communications field, which then led her to Lamborghini.

The first event organization experience that she remembers is when in 2011 she was asked to assist the Lamborghini Marketing manager for a shooting of the Veneno in Place de la Concorde in Paris. In 2013, she coordinated driving experiences for customers and has spent unforgettable years that have allowed her to work at the most beautiful tracks around the world with an international and harmonious work team. Today, Elena coordinates the Lamborghini EssenzaSCV12 marketing activities in Squadra Corse, which she herself calls a second family and that has always taught her to dream big by letting her be part of the dream.