The new CCM-R braking system has completely changed the dynamic quality of the Lamborghini Huracán STO. This outstanding super sports car borrows technologies directly from F1 racing, taking the very best from that world. In the new braking system, the pedal provides a lot of grip, making for an outstanding braking sensation. The new front brake cooling ducts work to cool the discs and calipers of the brakes. 

The CCM-R discs provide 4 times higher thermal conductivity than traditional CCB, as well as a 60% higher stress resistance, a maximum brake power improved by 25%, and longitudinal deceleration improved by 7%. With 390 mm in the front and 360 mm in the rear, these are impressive figures.

The new CCM-R braking system delivers superior durability and robust braking consistency, contributing to the Huracán STO’s reputation as an extraordinary race car-inspired vehicle.