For Huracán STO, Lamborghini developed specific rims called “HEK” that feature a strong racing character and introduce a significant evolution in terms of materials: among the available options, 20” magnesium rims. 

Compared to standard rims, magnesium rims have the highest strength-to-weight ratio; they are 20-25% lighter than aluminum alloys while maintaining the same load factor. 

Magnesium has other unique qualities, such as the ability to transform vibrations into heat: this leads to a smoother driving experience, with fewer jolts and quakes on uneven roads and consequent longer life for the suspension system. Brakes and suspension are also safeguarded by magnesium’s high thermal conductivity that allows it to dissipate heat quickly.

Huracán STO is a super-sports car created with a singular purpose: to deliver all the feel and technology of a genuine race car in a road-legal model.