The future of mobility demands advanced technologies, and this is why Lamborghini has boosted its offer of connectivity services in the Huracán EVO models, becoming the first automotive brand to incorporate Amazon Alexa’s complete control and making the driving experience even more captivating. 

Lamborghini has added the new “PEACE OF MIND” services to the exclusive comfort, navigation, safety and entertainment functions by connecting with the Lamborghini UNICA app. These services offer even more detailed information on the Vehicle Status Report, Car Finder and Geofencing, in addition to the Real Time Traffic Information already available through the Lamborghini Infotainment System (LIS). 

Thanks to integration with Alexa, drivers can adjust the car’s functions, such as climate and lighting, as well as control navigation, phone calls and entertainment, with a simple voice command. The Amazon Alexa service is also integrated in the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata, in English Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics) and offers connection with other enabled devices. For example, drivers can control the household thermostats and lighting systems directly from their Lamborghini.

The strategic collaboration with Amazon will allow the Alexa functions inside Lamborghini models to be continuously updated while looking to the future to develop additional connectivity innovations and integrations. 

All the new Lamborghini connected functions can be adapted free of charge to the Huracán EVO models at the authorised Lamborghini dealerships starting from mid-April, just like the optional updates. These features are available in most European and North American countries, and expansion to new markets is planned in 2022.

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