Dubai owes its nickname "City of Superlatives" to the spectacular architectural marvels the city has produced: the perfect backdrop for the timeless appeal of Huracán STO.

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is home to some of the most incredible buildings in the world. Soaring skyscrapers, a crescent moon-shaped tower, a rotating skyscraper, and tennis courts suspended in thin air. These are just a few examples of the constructions found in the city of marvels.

Especially noteworthy is the Burj Khalifa, the record-breaking skyscraper. Entirely furnished by the great Italian designer Giorgio Armani, with its height of 828 meters and 163 floors reached by one of the fastest elevators in the world, this building stands like a real jewel in the desert.

And speaking of the desert, it is precisely here that Huracán STO demonstrates its amazing versatility in tackling all kinds of terrains, from the scorching asphalt of the motorways to the sand of the dunes carried by the wind.