What makes Bucharest special is its architecture and its intense cultural and artistic life, to the extent as being worthy of the appellative “Little Paris”. 

The Huracán STO sped along the streets of the Romanian capital city, admiring the monuments that make it so fascinating. Here is the super sports car in front of the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, the heaviest building in the world that, with its floor space of 350,000 square meters, is also the largest in terms of extension and the third largest in volume. 

The super car then continued its tour appearing in front of the Royal Palace, and after a dish of ciorba, the local soup, in the Lipscani district, it continued the tour up to the marvelous garden surrounding the Mogosoaia Palace, a historical building of the early 18th century situated at about 15 km from downtown Bucharest, a masterpiece of the so-called Brâncoveanu style.